Who is this guy?

I transferred to Bakersfield after graduating high school in a small town in northern California.   I love the pace, the people, and the community, but already triple digits in May, really?!

I’m just a dad on a mission…Jesus lover that is learning to navigate through life while working full-time, CrossFitting, working within the community, going to grad school, and still trying to be an active and engaged husband and dad. It is a fun venture, exhausting at times, frustrating even more, but inevitably, the mission is to get as much out of life as possible and to be a positive model for my boys and their future pursuits along the way.


2 thoughts on “Who is this guy?

  1. Rebecca Edgington says:

    You have a great site and a lovely family! You must be on the fast track…how long have you been with Concordia? I am enjoying your posts and interactions.

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    • Thank you Rebecca! Is there a fast track, lol! I’ve only been at Concordia for one year, six months, two days, eleven hours, five minutes, and 6 seconds, no 7, … (lol)

      But I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I am hoping you can too! We’ve got this, we can do it!!! I love reading your posts as well, thank you!


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